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Visit our qualified, registered professionals today. Receive treatment in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Sports Therapy and Massage to alleviate MSK pain or related issues. We have clinics in several locations in  and around the centre of London. Select the clinic closest to you and book an appointment today

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We would love you to be our patient and as such we have an amazing intro deal. 2 treatments for the amazingly low price of £34. Terms and conditions apply 
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Our Treatments

  • Massage

    Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our rejuvenating massage therapy, tailored to melt away stress and leave you feeling completely refreshed and revitalized.


    Discover the healing power of osteopathy, a holistic approach that can help relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance your overall well-being, allowing you to live life to the fullest.


    Experience the ancient art of acupuncture, where the gentle insertion of needles can unlock your body's natural healing abilities, promoting balance, reducing pain, and restoring your vitality.
  • Acupuncture

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    Sports Therapy

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Our Vision

Our mission statement shows how much we care - "Good health care is only as good as the person giving it". We are on a great adventure to build a top-notch, cost-friendly health clinic. We pay close attention to how our patients are doing, and we are there to support our doctors in their very important jobs. We have clinics all over the middle of London, each one filled with dedicated healthcare professionals.

Our Clinic Locations

Holistic Healthcare Clinics
Unit A, First Floor, 5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG
0207 526 4925

Osteopathy Physiotherapy London​
10 Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2HF
020 7111 0815

London Health & Wellbeing
8 Devonshire Row, City of London, EC2M 4RH

London Health Hub
1 Talbot Yard Rd, Borough High Street, SE11YP
0203 109 0221

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London Clinic Group

Head Office 
Ground Floor
Tabard House
Lower, 1 Talbot Yard
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